Management of Lower Back Pain

Back pain may be caused by damage to the disc, spinal joints or nerves. Significant back pain may cause the area affected to cease to function normally causing the body to adopt abnormal movement patterns in order to minimize pain. This can be the beginning of faulty movement patterns that over time become established causing problems throughout the body.

Treatments are determined by the the extent and acuteness of the damage and also the amount of movement dysfunction.

  1. Taking a history
  2. Physical examination
  3. Explanation to patient of findings
  4. Reassurance with regard to healing given the right conditions
  5. Education with regard to:
    • positions of ease
    • importance of unloading the damaged area especially if inflamed
  6. Assurance that the condition will settle given the right conditions
  7. Otherwise encourage pain free activity that does not impose excessive load
  8. Physiotherapy treatment


Physiotherapy Treatment may specifically include:
  1. Reducing pain
  2. Reducing muscle spasm
  3. Promoting healing
  4. Restoring normal joint mobility
  5. Restoring normal muscle function to muscles attaching to the affected joint(s) including:
    • Lengthening
    • Strengthening
    • Stabilizing
    • Activating
  6. Restoring normal muscle function to the surrounding area
  7. Restoring normal function
  8. Graded return to normal activities
  9. Ergonomic advice


One of the important aims is to help people understand how an injury occurred and what they can do to help PREVENT or at least minimize future occurrences.