Faulty Gait Issues

The way you walk…


City Physio specialises in helping people with gait problems arising from muscle imbalances,joint problems and previous injuries.

Unfortunately most people don’t recognise they have a problem until they get pain and this can be years later.

This is because the body will try to avoid pain and or take the path of least resistance until it can do so no longer.

Take a closer look at how people walk. Feet turned outwards or inwards, rolled out or in.

Although these people look like they are getting along OK, they are placing abnormal strains on their joints and muscle systems

and causing early wear and tear in their joints leading to any number of painful conditions.

Not only does this raise the then raise the spectre of treatment it also often means a limited exercise and leisure activities.

So, if you suspect you’re one of these people who may need to have their gait checked out book a consultation today!