Toddlers and Back Pain

Parents Beware: Toddlers and Back Pain.

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Toddlers can slow down your recovery

Having a back injury when you have young children is particularly challenging and may mean that your recovery takes a little longer than usual.

Toddlers need to be lifted out of cots, into car seats, up from the floor for a cuddle, down from high chairs, played with and so on. Most of these activities place significant amounts of stress on your back.

One of our clients recovering from a prolapsed disc learned the hard way that playing “aeroplanes” with his toddler son aggravated his symptoms and subsequently slowed down his healing process.

Avoiding some of  the normal activities you engage in or performing them in a way that places less strain on your back is very important.

What we’ve found to be very effective is the use of tape – a toddler seeing one of her/his parents with tape on their back suddenly becomes less demanding and a whole lot more understanding.